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Bullshit! As a resident of the Logan Circle area for the past six years, a social activist, and an avid reader of the City Paper, I expect the City Paper to be accurate when it reports on my neighborhood (City Desk, 10/9). I, too, have had problems with my local civic association in the past catering too much to the Victorian homeowners and not enough to the condo and apartment dwellers, although that is changing. And although I love the City Paper, you seem to hate my ‘hood—even when we are doing some things right. Come on now!

At the planning meeting for the community meeting with the Park Service that I attended, we did discuss how to make the circle the place we had talked about, a place where the community—the whole community—wants to go and be. That primarily meant a clean, safe, and pleasant place. Yes, we did—among other things—talk about the residents of the circle itself. In fact, they were one of the “communities” we tried to address. I and others said that unless we were ready to find a home for every person in D.C.—would that we could—our other neighbors who inhabit the circle would be a part, not a part to be discarded, of the vision for Logan Circle.

We talked about a next step to beautify Logan Circle as initiating outreach to the various communities that use or may use the circle—local houses of worship, boys’ and girls’ clubs, homeless shelters, businesses, schools, seniors, families, children, dog walkers, park police, etc.

We want a neighborhood where everyone is welcome and everyone is safe. What more would the City Paper want? Please watch us build our neighborhood together with all of the communities, then take us to task if we fail. We will make it work for all of General Logan’s residents.

When neighbors come together in a productive way to improve the look, safety, and mood of their community by including all of the communities, we expect at least objective—if not supportive—coverage by the City Paper.

Logan Circle

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