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Free Range Pilgrim, Treiops Treyfid, and 45 Spiders all celebrated new records a couple of Sundays ago at a release party thrown by the label Deep Reverb at the Pharmacy Bar in Adams Morgan. New records by the three hard-working indie-rock bands were hawked at the show: Mizu No Oto, the seven-song sophomore release from 45 Spiders (denizens and denigrators of upper Northwest will particularly appreciate the rousing cello-accented instrumentals on “Speed Fiends Do Glover Park”), the solo record “Reach the Explosion” by former Pitchblende guitarist Treyfid (backed with a hand-picked selection of his talented local buddies), and a 7-inch single from Free Range Pilgrim. The Arlington-based Deep Reverb has been assembling a formidable arsenal of local indie-rockers, including Aerialist, Zoothead, Elizabeth, and Brilliantine. (CB)