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As a former D.C. probation officer and D.C. resident, I was aware that a relatively small number of criminals commit a disproportionate amount of crime. In the same way, a relatively small handful of D.C. police officers account for the majority of citizen complaints. The problem is that the Metropolitan Police Department fails to discipline its officers, as the excellent article by Jason Cherkis (“Overkill,” 10/23) demonstrates.

I finally moved from the District, and one of the primary reasons was that I no longer wished to be “protected” by people like Kristopher Payne—and I no longer wanted my tax dollars to be used to pay for the succession of civil suits their lawlessness engendered.

If the police regs were changed so that officers successfully sued were in turn personally fined a commensurate amount, I am sure that the behavior of all but the most sociopathic officers would radically improve.

Alexandria, Va.