The “old” City Paper events listings, where appropriate, were date-listed—Friday events, Saturday events, etc., in each category. Now you have an alphabetical sort. I doubt if many people look for an event by group name or topic title; usually you are looking for something for a particular night. In consequence, I find the Washington Post Weekend listing more user-friendly, even though it does not seem to be as interesting or encompassing. Please consider reverting to a date listing.

Also, please consider a format using the date (11/1, 11/2, etc.) rather than day of the week, which is always a little suspect—for example, “Thursday” when you distribute on Thursdays but mean the following Thursday. The month/day date right after the event title, as used by New York magazine, for example, would also help readability a little for an alphabetical listing if sorting by date order is impractical.

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