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Hovercraft’s music is like Pink Floyd’s Piper at the Gates of Dawn with no concession toward “The Gnome.” This is “Interstellar Overdrive” all the way. Guitarist Campbell 2000 even favors Syd Barrett’s clicky, scratchy, echo-laden guitar style, and live, the band performs in front of psychedelic film loops recalling the happenings of swinging London. Experiment Below is Hovercraft’s second record, and like the band’s first, Akathisia, it’s all head in the stratosphere jamming. Bassist Sadie 7 (whose husband, Eddie Vedder, used to play drums in Hovercraft) keeps the songs grounded with her simple, droning, and doomy bass lines, even as Campbell 2000 sets his guitar controls for the heart of the sun. While Hovercraft is an improvising band, it’s not from a jazz background. Unlike Floyd drummer Nick Mason or Can’s Jaki Liebezeit, each of whom incessantly pushed their band’s songs like a hopped up Sisyphus, drummer Dash 11 plays reactive rather than proactive percussion, revealing the band’s rock ‘n’ roll roots. Still, pulsing and twitching tracks like “Anthropod,” “Phantom Limb,” and “Wire Trace” are discursively hypnotic space rockers, while “Epoxy” is as aggressive and anxious as a junkie looking for a fix. Headphones and hallucinogens recommended.—Christopher Porter