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This home boy will cede to erstwhile Kansan Loose Lips (11/6) the right to be the only melanin-challenged journalist entitled to comment on D.C. affairs on two conditions:

1) He moves his residence a little further away from the Maryland line;

2) He starts getting his facts right.

For example, he recently chastised me for suggesting that the low turnout east of the river in the primary was due to “a depressed and demoralized electorate.” In fact, turnout in the general election also dropped precipitously throughout the city. Ward 3 cast 19% fewer votes than in the mayoral race of 1994; in Ward 7, one-third fewer voters went to the polls; and in Ward 8, there was a 51% drop in voting. If this is Lips’ idea of political enthusiasm, I’d hate to see apathy.


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