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Thank you for the article entitled “WAMU’s Personality Cult” (Loose Lips, 11/6).

With regard to the antics of Mark Plotkin, Loose Lips failed to point out that, with the recent election, Plotkin is essentially irrelevant.

Over the years, I have found Plotkin rude, mean, crass, and just basically in-your-face crude. His wobbly, oft-proclaimed tie to legitimate journalism is itself an insult to everyone in the profession.

One must wonder why WAMU, which depends on balance for its continued funding, provides an anal-retentive individual like Plotkin free air time for his outrageous and insensitive behavior.

Plotkin could best serve the interests of all Washingtonians by returning to Chicago forthwith; he and would-be Chicago anchorman Jerry Springer would certainly be a dynamic duo there. They both swim in the same sewer.

AU Park

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