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I just read the latest article by LL (“WAMU’s Personality Cult,” 11/6), and I must admit that it left me with the question as to whether there was a hidden agenda to all this. When LL criticizes the guest commentators on The D.C. Politics Hour, he conveniently [leaves] himself off the list of “hand-picked journalists.” His column then turns from a personal attack on Plotkin and his guests to an attack on those who would oppose Anthony Williams. What’s that all about? When did presenting both sides of an issue or a candidate become such a mortal sin?

Mark Plotkin is a true believer. The District has been denied basic constitutional rights. The District gave away its city hall. These issues are as important today as they were 10 years ago. Thank god we have people like Plotkin out there, keeping the flame alive. Plotkin holds the government accountable to the people, and the politicians accountable to the governed. What is so bad about that? I think LL is suffering from a severe case of Pundit Envy…

Silver Spring, Md.

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