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Here’s a tip for Loose Lips (11/6): Self-governance and DC Statehood are not just “pet peeves” of Mark Plotkin’s. They are concerns of thousands of D.C. residents and major planks in the platforms of at least two of D.C.’s political parties with ballot status: the D.C. Statehood Party and the D.C. Green Party. Plotkin, for all of his faults, at least recognizes the obvious: Anthony Williams will not go to bat for self-governance, or at least not until it becomes politically safe.

He also grasps what Loose Lips can’t about economic development under Williams. The development that Williams will try to bring will do little to benefit D.C. residents and lots to stuff the coffers of the outside-of-D.C. developers that helped to fund Williams’ million-dollar-plus campaign.

Plotkin can be faulted for his stubborn (and possibly illegal on a publicly funded station) refusal to give significant air time to candidates from outside the two major parties. But Loose Lips can hardly criticize him for this without calling the kettle black. You both failed to report on the fact that the D.C. Green Party obtained ballot status Nov. 3.

Mount Pleasant

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