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Loose Lips’ ad hominem attack (11/6) on commentator Mark Plotkin’s pro-home rule/D.C. congressional representation proclivities reveals yet again the indiscreet biases of his own particular brand of domestic ideology: in a phrase, home-rule activists bashing.

Be that as it may, Loose Lips’ continuous vituperative assaults on local home-rule activists, including Plotkin, are illogical and perennially flawed. To imply that Plotkin, and others, somehow value equal political and economic rights over competent, good governance is pure nonsense, and at variance with objective facts.

The twin goals of fundamental rights and governmental efficiency have never been mutually exclusive in the eyes of home-rule activists. Indeed, if anything, they tend to believe that the two goals are mutually inclusive; that one cannot fully be realized without the other; that each is crucial to the process of elevating our local body politic to full maturity.

To suggest otherwise, as Loose Lips has, belies the facts and does a deep disservice to all of those who strive for equal constitutional rights under law and good governance.