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Adapted from a novel by Su Tong (who also wrote Raise the Red Lantern), Blush follows the travails of two prostitutes who are thrust into the harsh, ambiguous world of “reeducation” after the Communists take control of China in 1949. The more defiant of the two (Wang Ji, pictured) escapes the roundup, but fails to find permanent refuge either with her lover or as a Buddhist nun; her friend accepts rehabilitation, but her fate is no more satisfying. Ultimately, the two women are reunited, revealing that no individual course of action can thwart the sort of massive upheavals that have long characterized Chinese history. Director and co-writer Li Shaohong’s 1995 film is set in picturesque Suzhou, which is often compared to Venice, and has been described as “ravishing” and “a masterpiece.” At 3 p.m. at Bethesda Theater Cafe, 7719 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda. $12. (301) 365-3679. (Mark Jenkins)