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When the Rock Bottom Remainders, an all-star lineup of literary geeks who desperately want to be rock stars, bring their questionable chops to town tonight, you probably won’t have to worry about lead axman Dave Barry’s goofy fans or singer Amy Tan’s solemn devotees or even keyboardist Mitch Albom’s sports-radio dorks. But you might want to watch your back when rhythm guitarist Stephen King takes centerstage. At a recent Remainders show, one of the horror master’s female followers lit her fingertips on fire and bowed to King as he worked the backbone of a golden oldie. The Carrie author just grinned and played on. Don’t be fooled: This may look like a sweet charity show benefiting D.C.’s public schools, but when the Firestarter himself is in the house, something sinister is bound to go down. At 8:30 p.m. at the Bayou, 3135 K St. NW. $75 (benefits D.C. Scores). (202) 333-2897. (Sean Daly)