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I am responding to Officer Dennis Fair’s response (The Mail, 11/6) to the article “Overkill ” (10/23). As a young African-American female, I know it can be upsetting to be judged as a group and not as one, but I simply do not see your point. I have never had a run-in with the law, and I do feel protected. But to hear a young man get bullets pumped into his body like that, not by someone he had a beef with, but by someone who was to serve and protect him, is disturbing.

If you truly in your heart believe that you must kill anyone running, anyone with his hands in his pockets, because you feel your life is in danger, then you’re no better than that gangsta on the corner who will kill him for that same reason. So sit back and let them do your job, since that is justice.

Open-minded people know that not every cop is bad and not every citizen thinks that, but you sound so cold-hearted and inhumane. Mr. Fair, let’s hope you are never stripped of your gun and badge and have to become a “citizen.”