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Well, S.R. Scheller (The Mail, 11/6) has made his contribution to a polite, well-ordered society. His response to M. Gordon Jones’ letter about “I Saw You” ads (The Mail, 10/30) would make anybody’s momma proud, particularly the part where he calls Mr. Jones a “pathetic little shit.” (For that matter, Mr. Scheller’s old high school English teachers must be pleased by his mastery of the masturbatory metaphor.)

Whatever one might think of “I Saw You” ads, their existence is emblematic of big cities and suburbs crammed full of people who have no earthly idea of how to interact with each other. Mr. Jones made the amusing point that the western reaches of the Orange Line are home to a seemingly disproportionate share of the socially clueless. Moreover, his letter was essentially harmless; the same cannot be said for that of Mr. Scheller, unless we needed more evidence of the diminishing supply of maturity, human decency, and mutual respect.

Scott Circle

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