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Will the real Junkyard Band please stand up? Earlier this year, because of creative and financial differences, the longtime go-go outfit split up into two factions, the JY-Band, led by vocalist Pratt and conga player Wink, and the J-Mobb, led by vocalist Steven “Bugs” Herrion. Then, to complicate matters further, the go-go club the Taj Maehall created a new group, the J-Squad, which featured no former Junkyard members but was performing Junkyard Band material. Now, according to JY-Band manager Maurice Shorter, the J-Squad is no longer performing, the JY-Band is playing mellower go-go on Wednesdays at the Songhai on U Street NW, and the J-Mobb is performing harder-edged funk at various locations, including the Sidetrack Lounge on Southern Avenue. (Steve Kiviat)