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While every other Biblical scholar seems to be taking a crack at the Gospels, Catholic University Professor Emeritus Joseph A. Fitzmyer has decided to re-read the Acts of the Apostles. The account of the activities of Jesus’ apostles in the period after the Ascension, the Acts depicts the earliest days of the religion that would soon grow from insurgent cult to the official church of the world’s largest empire. Fitzmyer has translated the Acts, and he recently wrote a new commentary on the Gospel of Luke (both books have been attributed to the same writer); in this lecture, he’ll discuss the Acts’ possible author, the meaning of the story of the spirit’s Pentecost appearance to the apostles, and the reason the book repeatedly recounts such events as the Ascension and Paul’s conversion. At the National Museum of American History’s Carmichael Auditorium, 14th & Constitution Ave. NW. $13. (202) 357-3030. (MJ)