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I am an African-American who lives on 9th and E Streets SE. The noise and fights coming from the patrons of the Heart & Soul on a regular basis (“Disheartened Soul,” 11/27) are a pain in the ass.

Put that race card back in your pocket and assume responsibility, Jerry Dianis.

A lawyer friend suggested I keep a journal and record events with a video camera, which is what I’ve done, but the noise has stopped. I hope they close you down. You are just another black exploiting your own people, and when you get caught with your pants down, you scream racism.

Why not open a club in your neighborhood? Let your family listen to the foul language coming from the mouths of your patrons at 2, 3, and

4 in the morning.

I was also “cool” on the outside but “livid” on the inside when I politely asked your patrons to keep the noise down one weekday night and they threatened to kick my ass. What’s wrong with partying here and getting in their cars and fighting in Mr. Dianis’ neighborhood?

You’re the racist by assuming that only the white people have complained. African-Americans live on the Hill, too. Check your heart and soul for the real reason for operating an establishment that generates this antisocial behavior. Again, open Heart & Soul in your community and see how they like it—assuming you live in a black community.