I am sick of Washington, D.C.

As a young black man who has lived in the “ghetto” of Southeast and the whiteness of Dupont Circle, I am so tired of Washington’s white-ass, “I’m so much better than you people” attitude.

Why didn’t the puritans who live on Capitol Hill around the Heart & Soul Cafe (“Disheartened Soul,” 11/27) just go chase the niggers away with torches like an angry mob?

Every weekend, all over this city, white 20-somethings who can’t control their actions after one beer descend on Washington like white on rice, howling and screaming like banshees from fleeing cars, holding town meetings in the middle of public sidewalks, as if their conversation about Bill and Monica or their pet spike should stop the world. I know, I’m rambling, but that bullshit that happened to Heart & Soul is just another star on D.C.’s Confederate flag!

Dupont Circle