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Trey Graham writes in his review of Thunder Knocking on the Door (“Hope Jest,” 11/20): “and almost none work as traditional musical theater numbers.”

Man, have you ever missed the point. I saw Thunder Thursday night on a $7.50 HotTix. What a steal. If this show were made up of “traditional musical theater numbers,” the show would have been an absolute total bore, and people would have stayed away in droves. They aren’t. The theater was jammed, and jammin’.

Mr. Glover writes in the program notes, “If you come to my show and you’re sitting on your hands…I haven’t done my job.” Well, Mr. Glover has done his job. People were clapping, stamping their feet, and having a great time. The band did smoke. No sitting on hands here. Mr. Glover also writes in the program notes that people come to the show and say, “This isn’t the blues.” Mr. Glover says that people are conditioned to think that the blues is Muddy Waters.

No, Thunder is not all traditional. That’s the whole point. It’s emphatically not all traditional. It’s original. You should have heard the interview with the cast on WPFW on Sunday afternoon. They had a lot of interesting things to say about how original this work is.

Also, you gave up way too much of the plot in the review. Took all the tension out of it, in fact. You should lighten up on the plot and focus more on the show itself.

Takoma Park

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