The Damage Done:

Virginia Congressman James Moran says D.C.ers attend happy hour more frequently than suburbanites; Bennigan’s dispatches location crews to downtown. -5

Metro transit officers crack down on snackers; multicourse subway diners unaffected. -2

Congress prohibits city from counting results of marijuana initiative; citizens request similar policy for school board results. -4

Catholic University installs new president who vows adherence to Vatican teachings; women faculty declared ineligible for full professorships. -3

Public works director Cellerino Bernardino resigns, vows to manage “top-rate” household recycling program. -1

Beijing bars Tibetan doctors from attending conference in District. “I’ll be damned if we’ll send our doctors to an outmoded convention center,” says Chinese Secret Police official. -3

Mayor Marion Barry denies using funds from city’s cable TV office to pay for October gala. “Our general administrative fund was easier to access,” says Barry. -2

Subtotal: -20

Shots in the Arm:

Crews prepare work on commuter “bicycle beltway”; Maryland cyclists lobby for intercounty bike connector. +3

City to eliminate pedestrian mall in front of Martin Luther King Jr. Library; reading room regulars line up for improved view of YWCA aerobics classes. +6

Panel chooses new 12-lane design for Wilson Bridge; critics laud Olympic-grade diving boards. +4

Mayor-Elect Anthony Williams promises to turn around city services in six months. “That’ll give me three-and-a-half years to tour Africa,” he says. +3

U Street historic district approved by preservation panel. “We can’t have developers gobbling up the 2,821st KFC in America,” says proponent. +5

Group offers $600 million for Redskins, plus undisclosed “job transition assistance” stipend for team’s corps of QBs. +2

Subtotal: +23