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The peculiar, universally negative tone of Mr. Graham’s review (“Driven Off,” 12/4) left me very puzzled. Having attended a performance prior to reading any review, including the very laudatory one in the Washington Post last Friday, I had a totally different—and very positive—reaction from Graham’s.

To me, it was a riveting performance with a script that has relevance today, an appropriate and appealing set, and a simultaneous translation up to the task. Graham seems to have relied on a “friend” and a “seatmate” for his negative motivation. Perhaps they were once the “schoolkids in Buenos Aires” he mentions in his review who “are still required to study [Barranca Abajo] when they’ve been really bad.” I get the impression that he entered the theater with a chip on his mental shoulder, prepared to dislike everything.

I enjoy many creative arts, live theater being one of my most favorite. This is only the second production I have seen at the GALA Hispanic Theatre, and I have been enthralled with each. Mr. Graham wonders how GALA survives—I believe it is surviving well with theatergoers like myself together with an impressive list of patrons.

No doubt each of us will react to any creative art differently; but I question the journalism approach in reviewing that utilizes such veiled help as Graham appears to use, particularly with a single byline. Your readership deserves better.

Alexandria, Va.