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To Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (“I’m OK. Eurotrash,” 11/20):

My, whatever happened to you, besides being turned down “many years ago” at some bar??? Did Diplomat Daddy cut off your allowance—or is it that he never gave you one? Or perhaps the World Bank rejected your job application?

First of all, I would like to know exactly what you call Europe—that is, which countries? I’m sorry if it sounds like quibbling, but since “qwhen” are “Persia,” Panama, or Chile—to quote from your article—part of Europe geographically or culturally? Moreover, neither your physical descriptions of the people you talk about nor the people on the pictures look very European to me. While the places you name do have some Europeans who hang out there, they are really a small minority in a (mostly) non-American crowd. So if you have to use slurs you could at least be honest and call them “Expat trash.”

In the end, by not adding levity to your article, which does have some good points, you succeeded in only convincing readers of one thing: You must be very bitter, and you certainly sound envious, no matter what your background might be.

Vienna, Austria

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