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Thank you for the article “Cock-a-Doodle Crew” (11/20). I don’t know whether to say, “Thank God, I am not alone” or “Misery loves company.” I did think I was, if not the only one, at least one of the very few, who are fed up with the flagrant violations of the city’s noise regs by the trash haulers backing beeping trucks and banging dumpsters well prior to 7 a.m. (I can go Mr. Gordon, interviewed in your article as saying he had been awakened as early as 4:30 a.m., one better. On several occasions, I have been awakened at 4:15 a.m.)

Since 1996, I, too, have kept a journal of dates, times, and violating companies. I have contacted Councilmember Evans’ office on several occasions, and his staff has contacted the major culprit—who, of course, has denied any knowledge of the violations. I have met with a lawyer and contemplated seeking a restraining order. What more can one do?

Having attempted to do something about these violations without apparent success, it is particularly discouraging to find that the police department has little or no interest in, according to Sgt. John Kutniewski, “a secondary nuisance.” Let me assure you, Sgt. Kutniewski, that if you ever have not slept in two days, and finally gotten to sleep, only to be awakened 30 minutes later by the banging and clanging of a trash truck in the predawn hours, you might consider the “nuisance” more than “secondary.” It would seem to me that if the D. C. police were to spend a little time stopping violators of the noise regs on 17th Street at 5 a.m., rather than seeking to find violators of the seat belt law on the 14th Street Bridge at 5 p.m., the citizens of the District would be much better served.

Meanwhile, I am keeping my journal and my lawyer’s telephone number handy.

Dupont Circle