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Chaotica is the show, Gams on the Lam the three-woman comedy troupe that performs it, and mayhem the general idea. Well, not mayhem really, more a choreographed-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life ruckus. The three women in question—Patricia Buckley as a domineering sourpuss, Leslie Noble as a kewpie-doll waif, and Lauren Unbekant as a sexy prankster—do everything from tag-team wrestling to serving gummy worms and running pizza through a blender. They also fight the good fight with folding chairs, give birth to musical instruments, and frenetically diaper what turns out to be a loaf of bread, only to have it erupt in green goop. Think of them as the Three Stoogettes, or maybe as commedia dell’arte figures gone gloriously feminist. Their clowning does have a girl-group edge to it, satirical as well as slapsticky. It’s also sophisticated in terms of movement, if you’re into analyzing clown shtick. But mostly, it’s just for fun. Be prepared to be kissed, tied up in paper streamers, and generally caught up in the action. Chaotica plays at 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 12, at Gunston Theater II, 2700 South Lang St., Arlington. $15. (703) 228-6960. (Bob Mondello)