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In your effort to grab readers’ attention with a snappy title, you added insult to injury to me and my 6-year-old son. Your “See Spot Splattered” bit (City Desk, 12/11) made a mockery out of our tragedy. First of all, my name is Laurie McQueen, not Maurie McQueen. Second, I didn’t appreciate my dog, Judy, being referred to as a “spot” or as a “mutt in heat.” She was a beautiful and loving creature who was loved by all.

During the interview with your intern, we spoke on the more important issue of the reckless driving

that plagues Logan Circle. We also discussed the city’s insensitivity toward pets involved in hit-and-run accidents. We never, at any time,

discussed making light of my

family’s loss. I even shed tears

during the interview.

Well, I now know never to allow another interview with anyone from this paper. I doubt if my family or I will ever pick up another issue of the City Paper, except, of course for the house-training of a new puppy.

Logan Circle

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