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How could you disrespect Linda Cropp like that and have the nerve to even compare her to Linda Tripp (Loose Lips, 12/11)? C’mon, guys. She’s a solid citizen and a great politician as well. She’s served the District for over 30 years now, and this is the long publicity that you are giving to her?

Look, no one’s perfect by any count, and we’ve all made our share of mistakes, but there’s no way you should attack her so personally like that. Linda Cropp is all that is good to our town and has the track record to prove it, and even though I don’t know her well (but I did go to high school with her children and know her daughter well), I think she’s a great woman and a strong leader for the D.C. Council. I don’t mind having her as our mayor in the future, so pick on somebody your own size.

One last thing: Season’s greetings!

Mount Pleasant