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I was stunned when I read in Erik Wemple’s Dec. 4 edition of the Needle: “Women faculty declared ineligible for full professorship” at the Catholic University of America (CUA). That assertion was made following a reference to my installation as president of CUA on Nov. 19.

Not only are women eligible for the rank of full (we use the expression “ordinary”) professor at CUA, but many have that rank among the faculty.

Wemple’s observation was injurious to the reputation of the university and to me as its new president. It gave rise to great alarm among the faculty as I began my administration; it was unfair, unjust, and untrue.

While I can appreciate good humor as much as anyone, I must tell you that this published remark hurt people at CUA, especially women faculty members. I would appreciate effort on your part to publish a retraction of that comment.

There is already enough pain and injustice in our world; I do not believe that we need to add to it by irresponsible comments.


Catholic University