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As much as the change in mayoral leadership will alter the city, an even more significant “end of an era” affecting Washington City Paper readers has got to be the departure of Ken Cummins, aka Loose Lips. Ken, I have been addictively laughing at your ironic interpretations so long that I can’t remember a time when you weren’t around. And as much as we needed your brand of strong humor in these oh-so-serious times, I appreciate that you were able to be serious when it mattered most, namely in Election Week. Most citizens don’t have time to properly check out all the candidates, but I knew I could vote the “straight LL ticket” and not be far off the mark. What’s different now is that finally most of your picks actually got elected!

I think the greatest compliment to you was when an irate politician accused a critical Washington Post reporter of writing a “Loose Lips”-type column. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors—with your excellent work these many years, you deserve the satisfaction of a job well done. We will remember you.

Mount Pleasant

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