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A dope band isn’t really a dope band without a live document, and Spiritualized is without a doubt a dope band. Frontman Jason Pierce has never been coy about his music’s phantasmal allure; his old group, Spacemen 3, put out a collection titled Taking Drugs (To Make Music to Take Drugs To), and in its early days the band’s logo was a syringe. With Spiritualized, Pierce has ditched his old band’s minimalist tendencies for pure spacey grandeur, and on Live at Albert Hall, the band takes a shot at ultimate dope-rock respect by providing evidence that its music’s hallucinatory pull is no illusion—live gigs, after all, come with built-in witnesses, some of whom are presumably sober. Buttressed by strings, horns, and a full choir, the music on these two discs seems to assemble an aural history of psychedelic. The searching slide guitar on “Shine a Light” recalls the Allman Brothers at their most sublime; the Hammond organ that propels “Electricity” could have come from any number of ’60s garage bands; the gospel tinge of “I Think I’m in Love” nods to anyone who equates chemical journeys with spiritual quests; the din surrounding everything rings like a shout-out to My Bloody Valentine. Soundwise, the music here is every bit as majestic as the band’s studio work, but Pierce is a bluesman at heart. In the chorus on “Medication,” Pierce sings of wanting to shake “these things that make me feel this way all of the time.” The song is dense, grand, a crowd pleaser, but Pierce sounds sad. Getting high always requires coming down.—Brett Anderson