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With Scarnella, Carla Bozulich, an alum of Geraldine Fibbers, and occasional Fibbers’ collaborator Nels Cline seem to have come to terms with the major-label fuck-you they got from Virgin Records and to have given up the ghost of radio-friendliness that had always haunted that band. Here, the duo stretches out 10 long tracks of expansively moody guitar exploration as if finally freed of all commercial constraints. Bozulich builds repetitive and structurally sparse songs into frenzied crescendos while Cline tinkers with various effects and probes the sonic possibilities of inventive feedback. On “Release the Spring” and “Dandelions,” the result is meditative and melancholic pop twang like the best Geraldine Fibbers material. Elsewhere, the record patiently rambles its way into decidedly unfamiliar and intriguing territory. Three strictly improvisational tracks allow the duo to giddily hammer out atonal noise experiments that the major-label folks would never have stood for, while “The Most Useless Thing” and “A Millennium Fever Ballad” nearly achieve the sleeper-hit potential that Virgin’s bean counters might have loved. Both songs notably posit Bozulich’s metaphor for herself as a ticking time bomb unafraid of losing control—an apt summary of what is great about her music, a probable cause for her mainstream incompatibility.—Colin Bane