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Has the City Paper fallen prey to the snake-oil tactics of an elixir salesman? Maybe so. After all, sex does sell.

After reading Brett Anderson’s “Film Strip” (1/15), I feel it is necessary to set a few things straight:

(1) “Film Strip” is a snappy title, but one should note that Naked Lady Dancers is being shot on video. (That’s a video camera in Debbie’s hands on the front cover.) There’s a big difference; ask any film snob.

(2) Eddie Becker never stated that the dancers needed therapy. He suggested it would be interesting if they watched their interviews on video and analyzed themselves.

(3) Debbie did not “cure” Sean of impotence. He might have had a difficult time jerkin’ off right after his surgery due to colon cancer, but his prostate is intact.

(4) The Betapunks were not a maverick film collective, as Anderson stated. They were a loose-knit group of young artists shooting movies on beta and Hi-8 (i.e., video), producing plays, and throwing wild parties out of a warehouse in Blagden Alley. Sean Harris was their ringleader.

(5) I was in Tehuantupec, Mexico, seven years ago with Sean, shooting footage of a matriarchal society. Nothing ever came of it, but it sounds very similar to the documentary that Debbie describes in

the article.

(6) As for women gaining control over men: I think it’s very interesting that I had to lend Debbie my camera for the front-page photo, since she couldn’t convince Sean to lend her his.

Associate Producer

Naked Lady Dancers