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I really get a kick out of Dave Nuttycombe’s Videocrity column. The “films” he reviews remind me of my local drive-in theater’s last-gasp years of the early ’70s.

After the drive-in came the early multiplexes and, of course, the product to fill them on the weekends. My friends and I were the folks who got to see the early works of Ron Howard (Eat My Dust!) and developed a taste for the kind of bad flicks that would make up a Leonard Pinth Garnell “My Personal Favorite” festival. Troma Films could claim that they led the way in the “So Bad It’s Great” genre of film, of which it seems Mr. Nuttycombe seeks the Best of the Worst. I would suggest to the editors two of my personal favorites in the above-mentioned category of sorry flicks: From the early ’80s, Humanoids From the Deep, in which mutated salmon have morphed into humanoid form and now seek to mate with human women! Oh yeah! Beach blanket mayhem! With a really bad kicker at the end! Another classic in what is actually a very metaphysical effort is Shogun Assassin. A samurai, his son, and his lethal baby carriage! No kidding!

Dave, you have inspired me to go in search of Executive Power….Dialogue sounds crisp. Speaking of that film, here is one note of simpering nitpicking (Videocrity, 1/15): Former Secret Service Agent Tim McCarthy (who took a bullet for Ronald Reagan in 1981…and is a Democrat!) was a candidate for Attorney General of some Midwestern state this year or last. So as Twain, (or someone), once said, “Reports of…blah blah blah…

Dave, I love the column!

Columbia Heights

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