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How is it that you could use the adjective “ambiguous” to refer to Ani DiFranco’s sexuality (“Bulletproof Babe,” 1/8)? Ms. DiFranco has been more forthright and unequivocal about her bisexuality than any other public figure. (Something that Sean Daly should know about, or did I misread his lust letter to Jakob Dylan and Sheryl Crow?)

Just because we reject the absolute definitions of homosexual or heterosexual, it does not mean we don’t know what we are. “Neither of the above” is a valid answer. Although others may be confused about what we are, this is not an excuse to marginalize us and invalidate our existence. And this from a publication whose praises I was singing just a few weeks ago for using the word “transgender” to describe Tyra Hunter (City Desk, 11/6/98), who was ridiculed when rescue workers discovered her male anatomy, possibly leading to her tragic death.

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