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“After we left Europe last year, it was really hard to come back to the States,” says Bluetip frontman Jason Farrell, anxious to get back across the pond. Bluetip and the Farewell Bend finishes a two-week East Coast tour this week and are off to a late-February stint together in Europe. “Europe is so cool, because besides being treated as if you’re an artist—which is a new experience—the people over there have a lot more energy and enthusiasm for bands,” Farrell observes. “In the States, we still get some magic moments when the stars align. But in Europe, it’s a lot more consistent. There’s more money, they really try to promote stuff, and for some reason they really like Bluetip.” After the tour, Bluetip and the Farewell Bend will break for a month before heading off for Brazil—during which Farrell’s side project, Sweetbelly Freakdown, will record for a fall EP from Jade Tree. “It’s all work, man. It’s not a vacation,” says Farrell. “Bluetip is like a big, crying baby. It kind of sucks up most of our time.” (CB)