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Between Jacob Long’s unnerving screech and Forbes Graham’s unholy growl, Amalgamation’s dueling MCs have it out like a hiphop-hardcore hybrid gone wonderfully bad. Amid a series of staccato emotional fits, Amalgamation manages to squeeze moments of brilliance into its brutal and nearly incomprehensible hardcore breakdown and muddy metal interludes. On a new split single with Jerome’s Dream, the band remains true to its name, lumping everything together into a big unruly mess on “This Song Is for Me” and “As I Slip Into Roles.” “The stuff on the 7-inch is real emo, but not as chaotic as the new stuff, but still chaotic,” says Graham, founder of the band’s RiceControl label. It’s difficult to take him seriously: As self-appointed scene wiseass and occasional columnist for the ‘zine HeartattaCk, he’s made an underground name by heckling regional bands that need their pretensions shattered. The members of Amalgamation, for their part, aren’t haughty types, but just to even the score, go ahead and heckle them anyway. (CB)