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As an aging alternative radio fan, I want to thank you for your recent article on WGTB (“Radio Free Georgetown,” 1/29). I dusted off my old “WGTB: One Nation, Underground” bumper sticker and put on Matching Mole’s “Little Red Record” in celebration. If it weren’t for WGTB, I’m sure I wouldn’t be listening to the Rachels and Vasen and Monteverdi now—WGTB wasn’t about worshiping an established canon of ’60s-’70s rock music, it was about acquiring a taste for music that stimulates the intellect.

Of course, being a crotchety

old prog-head I have three nits to pick about the article. The first two are minor:

One, the woman on the Aphrodite’s Child “666” song isn’t saying “I’m coming! I’m coming!”—it’s actually “I was, I am, I am to come, I was.” (She just sounds like she’s saying “I’m coming” over and over for 15 minutes, as the students on my college dorm hall can probably attest. A long-overdue apology to you all.) Two, it isn’t Billy the Mountain in the phone booth, it’s Studebaker Hawk. Billy couldn’t fit in the phone booth—he’s a mountain! (Yes, I’m a loser: I memorized all those records in the ’70s, and I still remember the lyrics.)

The third point is the most important one, though. In the past three months alone, I’ve heard, on Washington radio, interviews with leading progressive thinkers and writers such as Salim Muwakkil, Matthew Rothschild, and Cornel West, and a recording of the November speech by Noam Chomsky at the University of Maryland. Nope, I didn’t hear these important alternative viewpoints on WMUC or WPFW. It was on C-SPAN radio, the new occupant of 90.1 FM. So FYI, progressive Washington—it’s not such a total loss as the article implied.

Silver Spring, Md.