How can a newspaper that delivers such brilliant, in-depth coverage of the local music, theater, and movie scene so completely ignore the local visual arts?

What’s going on in our local art galleries? I’ve lived here for three years and just last week I found out that the eight galleries in Canal Square, three blocks from my house, have free joint openings every month with music, wine, and food! I didn’t even know that they were there! It then dawned on me that I’ve never seen an article about our local artists or local art galleries in the City Paper.

Could the problem be lack of writers? Is it easier to write about a new band at a local club than a new artist in a Georgetown or Dupont Circle gallery? I don’t think so. Is it perhaps an arts editor who doesn’t realize that art galleries are a core element of a city’s art scene—not just music, theater, and movies?

We thirst….


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