German Wunderkind Ian Pooley’s second full-length, Meridian, is an update of Detroit techno: funky but mechanical, like a robot doing the Hustle. Releasing records since he was a teenager, Pooley is an old man now at 23, but his mixture of housey grooves and techno squeaks still reeks of a guy who cut his teeth on the late-’80s sounds of underground Motown. Despite his penchant for disco, Pooley is still held in esteem by avant-garde labels like Mille Plateaux/Force Inc., which featured two excellent Pooley tracks on its Electric Ladyland compilations. Pooley says when he DJs he mostly plays “Chicago house and techno stuff, a bit of disco and harder house,” but hope he’ll drop some of his own beats into the mix when he spins at 10 p.m. at Nation (formerly the Capitol Ballroom), 1015 Half St. SE. $12. (202) 828-1984. (Christopher Porter)