This letter is about the White Rose Banquet cover story (“Terrorists and Saints,” 2/5).You know by giving this odious celebration of violent, holier-than-thou persons any legitimacy that you are doing the rest of us a great disservice.

The smug visage of Michael Bray on the cover with his “clerical” collar is an apt statement of the cynicism of a person who condones murder and bombing as “not murder.” This double-speak is used by all extremists in this “cause,” because they know that they cannot prove they are right, except by radically altering the meaning of the Bible to their own demented view.

I attended a “service” by the most radical of these people, Randall Terry, years ago in another state, as an observer for friends in the ACLU. The sheer nonsensical rhetoric I heard would not stand up under rational review: At one point Mr. Terry stated that abortions in the U.S. compared with the horrors of the Holocaust in Germany; yet in his very next statement, he said that homosexuals should be “done away with”—another event that was part of the Nazi extermination pattern!

This bizarre and obscene method of using the religious beliefs of many people to incite them to murder and destroy seems to be the antithesis of the biblical ideas of “love your enemy” and “turn the other cheek.” These ideas were espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to nonviolently protest actions that were wrong; yet these demagogues actually compare themselves to Dr. King as if they were pacifistically protesting instead of espousing violent acts.

I beg of you, please don’t print another article about these people. Instead you should be printing articles about the families of doctors murdered by these people, and about the harassing of the doctors’ innocent children by these extremists.

Takoma Park, Md.

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