I am writing this article to inform you that I do not appreciate Ms. Holly Bass’ article regarding Buzz and the rave subculture (“Home of the Rave,” 2/12). I believe that her article is very biased and unrelenting toward the “ravers” who attend Buzz. Bass is very uninformed about our culture, and if another article is to be printed, I would advise you to have someone write an article that is factual and not opinionated.

Personally, I took offense at the article for many reasons. One was the comment that Bass made, “Tell that to the 3,000-plus people—many of whom haven’t taken their SATs yet…” I take personal offense to this because I am 25 years old and I have been “raving” for six-and-a-half years now. I am currently in college working toward my master’s degree in political science, and I will receive my doctorate after that time. I graduated from college with honors, and I am currently working in a prison as a counselor. I do not appreciate offensive comments like this, because I live a life filled with responsibility, and raving is my lifestyle. I have attended events called raves and have gone to Buzz with many other people who are in college or are professionals, also. Therefore, I find this comment made by Bass to be completely uncalled for, and I believe that she needs to get her facts straight before downplaying our whole scene.

As for the fight that Bass wrote about, I have only seen one fight ever. This, I must say, is great, statistically speaking, especially if you compare this to the percentage of fights that you see at a bar. Fights occur at bars weekly. At raves, they seldom occur at all. For the people who are in the rave scene for the right reason, the vibe is what keeps us going. We are a people of love and respect for others, and I ask that you show our subculture the same in return.

Virginia Beach, Va.

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