More Francophile than Francophone, the Paris-born but Reading, England-raised Jacques Lu Cont, né Stuart Price and better known by his nom de beats Les Rythmes Digitales, has more in common with the big boys of big beat like Fatboy Slim than he does with Depeche Mode. This in spite of the ’80s culture that he claims as his raison d’être. “People treat the ’80s as a joke, and that offends me. I’m being totally serious about the music I do,” he told Spin. Whether you believe him or not won’t interfere with dancing your ass off to his ’98 club cutup “Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat),” included on the Wall of Sound compilation Bustin’ Loose, or his insidious remix of Deejay Punk-Roc’s “My Beatbox” on Respect Is Burning Volume 2, the second collection “inspired” by the Paris club Respect, when he DJs tonight with Theo of labelmates and fellow big beat comers the Wiseguys at 10 p.m. at Nation, 1015 Half St. SE. $12. (202) 828-1984. (Daniel Searing)