This letter responds to the Feb. 26 Loose Lips column, which contained certain factual errors. I want to be clear about several points:

1. During the campaign, I promised to resign as executive director of Whitman-Walker Clinic. The day after the final election, I resigned from that position.

2. During the campaign, I promised I would be a full-time councilmember. Since Jan. 3, I have worked no less than 60 hours a week on behalf of the people of Ward 1. By any standard, such a workweek is full-time.

It is well-known that most members of the D.C. Council have outside employment of one kind or another. Indeed, even my predecessor reported outside income. The sole reason I resigned from this brief employment was, very simply, because I did not have the time to do that particular work.

The people of Ward 1 have had me full time. And they will continue to have me full time in the future.

D.C. Councilmember, Ward 1