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I’m not typically the sort of person who worries enough how other people’s opinions are affecting me or my society. A letter in last week’s issue (The Mail, 2/26), however, is causing me to get off my apathetic ass and

say something.

Eric Wenocur was obviously similarly compelled to speak his mind. He stated that mandatory birth control would solve the problem of single-parent welfare families. The inequity of this proposition makes me sick to my stomach.

Inasmuch as every woman has an irrefutable right to choose whether to terminate an unplanned pregnancy, each must by logical extension have an interest in choosing whether to become pregnant in the first place. To take that right away from her solely because she is in need of government assistance not only smacks of elitism, it is yet one step closer to the ultimate conservative utopia—the world of George Orwell’s 1984.

I’m not one for living in a world where only the wealthy are allowed

to breed.

Woodley Park