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If it’s a whiff of the sweaty newsroom you’re after, you’re sure as hell not going to get it at the Newseum. But go next door and sit in a room for a couple of hours with four seasoned hacks, and you’ll likely leave with some dish. The announcement for “Capital Scoop” claims that “the constraints of the profession usually keep [journalists] from showing off in public,” which is a baldfaced lie, given that most reporters do nothing but: They do it when they file a story with their name attached. And they do it after work, too, yapping away about all the stories they can’t verify for publication. That’s not to say it can’t make for some scintillating storytelling, though. Come listen to Courtland Milloy of the Washington Post, Wendy Rieger of News 4, Pulitzer-winner Tom Friedman of the New York Times, and Charlie McDowell of PBS blowbag in person. At 7 p.m. at Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre, 1611 N. Kent St., Arlington. Free. (703) 228-7710. (Amanda Ripley)