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As the bulldozer of blandness plows down the K Street corridor and surrounds us all with overpriced salad bars, like many old-timers and office professionals who work in the area I’ve always counted on Sholl’s for a quick, cheap bite. Brett Anderson’s column (Young & Hungry, “End of the Line,” 3/5) lays out the issue at hand very succinctly. I think it’s even more lamentable when a cause gets so much media coverage, yet still looks hopeless.

Sholl’s reminds me of some old ill-kept relative whom you love and accept just the way he is and wouldn’t want to change a bit. The kitschy paintings on the wall and the ever-present pope are just as much Sholl’s trademarks as the incredible selection of pies. Where else can I get rhubarb pie any day I want to? Is it just me, or is there a dearth of authentic diners or authentic Italian eateries in downtown D.C.? I hope this stealth foreign partnership picks on someone its own size and abandons its Pearl Harbor attack on this septuagenarian landmark. Let it live a little longer!

Arlington, Va.

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