I am writing with regard to the review written by Bob Mondello (“Mamet in the Mirror,” 2/19) of the play La Dama Boba, which is currently being performed at GALA Hispanic Theatre.

As I am sure you are aware, Mr. Mondello recognized his error in referring to me as another actress. Not only did he provide me with a written apology, but he also acknowledged his mistake on the air. However, he had mentioned that he planned to rewrite his article in the next edition of the Washington City Paper. Much to my dismay, though, the only thing listed in the next edition was a miniversion of what he had previously written. The only difference was that he had substituted my name for Ms. Yanez’s. This left me somewhat disappointed.

What really bothered me, as well as other members of the Spanish-

speaking theater community, however, was the complete disregard paid to one of the most celebrated playwrights of the Spanish language. To refer to Lope de Vega as a “lightweight” and to his work as “trivial,” is, in my opinion, absolutely unacceptable. While he may not be as well known in English-speaking circles as William Shakespeare, he has been considered by many to be Spain’s equivalent playwright. To dismiss his work so casually is to dismiss this caliber of Spanish literature as banal and hackneyed. Certainly, contemporary critics would hesitate before devaluing the work of another such “foreign” playwright as Molière. The attitude displayed by your critic is one of Anglocentric despotism, and I believe that a general apology to the Spanish-speaking public at large is in order.

To have to suggest that in the future, you reconsider sending out a critic to review a work without taking the time to do his homework is regrettable. But to condone denouncing such a giant of Spanish literature, particularly in view of the large and ever-increasing

Spanish-speaking community within this area, is absolutely unacceptable. I trust you will correct your mistake—I refer to it as “your” mistake, as it is my assumption that a newspaper should stand behind the stories it publishes.

Logan Circle