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Although most theatergoers don’t identify Anton Chekhov with comedy—much less with slapstick—the newly-housed Classika Theatre is presenting an energetic performance of two of his comedic one-acts: The Marriage Proposal (pictured) and The Jubilee. In The Marriage Proposal, a man in his mid-30s wants to ask his neighbor for his daughter’s hand in marriage, fueled by loneliness and practicality rather than love. The Jubilee depicts the pomp and circumstance surrounding a bank president’s upcoming employment anniversary. In both “jokes,” the action in the title never occurs because of the characters’ pettiness and ineptitude. These two farces are often seen as Chekhov’s commentary on the absurdity of late-19th-century Russian society: It was all about having a title, a piece of land, and the best hunting dog in the area. The director of “Jokes,” Boris Lapin, selected the two one-acts because they are well-known in Russia and provide ample opportunity for the comedic acrobatics that distinguish this production. Classika’s first attempt at injecting sitcom humor into the traditional Russian repertoire is an ambitious undertaking and promises to attract a broader audience. At 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Sunday to April 4 at Classika Theatre, 4041 S. 28th St., Arlington. $10-12. (703) 824-4827. (Irina Slutsky)