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Ta-Nehisi Coates may portray himself as a mere observer floating above the benighted rabble, but his stab at Clintonesque distancing in “Greasing the Pig” (3/12) exposes how deeply he’s stuck in the sludge along with all the other “talking heads” and “critics”

he denounces. So, while I agree with some of the conclusions he draws,

Mr. Coates, in penning this piece, fails to follow what he prescribes.

How about actually reporting on poverty, bad schools, teen pregnancy, and AIDS in the Washington area, instead of splashing more water on this already stale-as-a-day-old-baguette of a story? In fact, how much less lazy is Mr. Coates than the countless other commentators he fingers? Perhaps he worked up a sweat pounding on his keyboard and quoting those deceased historians. Perhaps. Next time, instead of yet another critique of the criticism of the reporting of a story (which, it seems, is all the rage in Medialand these days), how about, gulp, a real story?

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