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Usually your stories on the D.C. music scene: (1) extol the virtues of music no one has ever heard or (2) celebrate/lament whichever part of the boom/bust cycle the D.C. punk or go-go scene is experiencing that week. Generally, the tone of those stories implies that most if not all of us are too unhip and uncool to know what we should really like. (Imagine being too uncool for D.C.! D.C.?)

That said, I went to Best Buy last Saturday, trying to find any kind of music to atone for having purchased the Beastie Boys’ Hello Nasty the week before. As I was scanning the racks, something caught my eye (OK, it was the $9.99 price sticker)—it was Thievery Corporation’s Sounds From the Thievery Hi-Fi. Suffice it to say that I bought it and like it. Can it be that I am now hip enough for D.C.? Dare I say, the global village, too?

Anyway, thanks for letting me know that someone is out there writing the theme music to my life (“Beats Working,” 3/5). I wonder if Thievery is hiring at ESL, because their music is one hell of a mission statement.

Mount Pleasant

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