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Re: your article on the Florence Crittenton Home (“Wayward Past,” 3/19):

My then wife and I had a girl from the home back in the early ’60s. Alice was a great baby sitter and really bright.

She realized that she could have her own child for a lot less than the home charged, so she asked if she could stay with us up to the time of delivery. I said, “Sure.” She then paid her own hospital and doctor’s fees, and some religious organization placed the child.

The interesting part is that, after Alice left, I called the home and said, “We have an opening.” The woman I spoke with said, “We won’t send you anyone else.” In astonishment, I asked why and was told, “You don’t cooperate with us; you didn’t send Alice back.”

I said, “First of all, I couldn’t ‘send’ her back if she didn’t want to go, but….why would you want a girl back?”

The answer was straight out of Hawthorne: “We want them to

feel pregnant.”

Grim, huh?

Forest Hills

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